Battle Royale

The following is a list of characters that are related to those who participated in Battle Royale.

Shogo Kawada's Family[]

Mr. Kawada[]

Mr. Kawada was a doctor, but in the film Shogo also says that he was a fisherman and a chef. In the manga, the reader sees a scene in which he treats a baby suffering from burns and is very harsh to the already distressed mother. As Shogo's father is a doctor, he appears to be quite intelligent although slightly unsympathetic. Shogo learned several skills from his father such as cooking and how to drive a motor boat. When his son, Shogo wins the program and is taken from the island, recovers in a hospital, and goes back to his home, he finds out his father died when he tried to fight back against the soldiers who told him Shogo was in the Program.

Kazuo Kiriyama's Family[]

Mr. Kiriyama[]

Mrs. Kiriyama[]

Yoshitoki Kuninobu's Family[]

Father and Mother[]

Not much is known about Yoshitoki's family except that neither of his parents wanted him so he became an illegitimate child and was sent to the Charity House. Due to how his parents treated him, he never thought about finding love or having kids of his own until he developed a crush on Noriko Nakagawa.

Sho Tsukioka's Family[]

Sho\'s Father

Sho's Father

Mr. Tsukioka[]

Mr. Tsukioka runs a drag queen bar where his son helps around from time to time. It is here that Sho learned more about the gay lifestyle and as a result, saw the adult world more often than his classmates. Mr. Tsukioka also dressed in drag and came to his son for help when Ryuji poured a drink for Lena, who's underage. It's unknown why his bar is allowed to stay open since the Greater Republic of East Asia has anti-homosexual laws. It's likely he was upset when he learned his son was selected to be part of the Program. When Shogo Kawada reminds Shuya Nanahara of all the classmates Kazuo Kiriyama killed, Mr. Tsukioka is shown mourning over Sho.

Shuya Nanahara's Family[]


Mr. Nanahara



Mrs. Nanahara


Mitsuru Numai's Family[]


Mr. Numai

Mr. Numai[]

Not much is known about Mr. Numai other than he's an alcoholic and seems to have only married Mrs. Numai because she got pregnant. He doesn't care about his son.


Mrs. Numai

Mrs. Numai[]

Not much is known about Mrs. Numai other than she wants her son to do better with school. She admonishes him after catching him stealing money, but he tells her to consider it a "down payment" on his life and accuses her of using drugs, suggesting she has/had a drug addiction.

Shinji Mimura's Family[]

Hajime Mimura

Hajime Mimura

Hajime Mimura[]

Shinji's uncle, who was an anti-government activist. He taught Shinji how to hack computers, among other illegal skills, and brought him up to be a rebel against authority. Hajime was monitored for his shady activities by the police. He had to keep his relationship to his girlfriend a secret, so they would not use her against him. He was murdered by the secret police when his brother (Shinji's father) tipped them off.

In the film, Hajime is named Makio and is still alive. He makes a cameo in Battle Royale II: Requiem where he's joined Wild Seven and sacrifices himself so Shuya Nanahara can escape alive.


Mr. Mimura

Mr. Mimura[]

Not much is known about Mr. Mimura. He's a lot like his son and constantly has affairs, which his wife doesn't care about as long as he doesn't brag about it.


Mrs. Mimura

Mrs. Mimura[]

Not much is known about Mrs. Mimura. She knows her husband is unfaithful, but doesn't care as long as he doesn't brag about it or it affects her own business.

Ikumi Mimura[]

Not much is known about Ikumi. She is Shinji's younger sister and was seen once in a flashback during their uncle's funeral in the manga.

Megumi Eto's Family[]

Mr. Eto[]

The father of Megumi.

Dad,Mom Eto

Mr and Mrs. Eto

Mrs. Eto[]

The mother of Megumi, in the novel and manga she is concerned about her daughter being away since it is the first time Megumi will be away without them so she gives Megumi a cellphone to call in case anything happens.


Megumi's Sister

Megumi's Sister[]

Megumi and her sister were like common sisters as they love to tease each other but they do love each other. Megumi's sister had a bad reputation but in reality, she was actually a nice girl.

Sakura Ogawa's Family[]

Mr. Ogawa[]

Sakura's Brother[]

He watched Battle Royale on television and often placed bets on who would win with his friends. He also liked to handicap the contestants for his friends. It is most likely he got Sakura into betting but the person she chose died the next day.

Izumi Kanai's Family[]

Mr. Kanai[]

He was the town's representative and due to this his family was very well off.

Yukiko Kitano's Family[]

Mr and Mrs. Kitano[]

Yumiko Kusaka's Family[]

Mr and Mrs. Kusaka[]

Kayoko Kotohiki's Family[]



Kayoko's Sister[]

There is not much information about her. She only appears in the novel.

Yuko Sakaki's Family[]

Souichiro Sakaki

Soichiro Sakaki

Soichiro Sakaki[]

In the manga, Yuko's father is a very religious man. In the novel, Yuko's alcoholic father used to abuse her by burning cigarettes into her skin. He would then beat her mother with a golf club if she tried to intervene. When Yuko was in first grade, her father was stabbed and killed by local Yakuza over a gambling dispute. In the manga, he does not abuse his wife or his daughter. Yuko was traumatized after witnessing a bloody fistfight between Tadakatsu Hatagami and Mitsuru Numai, and she locked herself in her room and refused to go to school for a couple of days. When her parents, Soichiro and Kaori, try to comfort her, and try to influence her by going back to Dr. Chido, Yuko told them to go away and when Soichiro opened the door, Yuko slammed in shut and smashed his hand which led to his fingers being fractured. Yuko feels bad and he says it's okay and that it is just a little bump. Yuko thinks he was just telling her that to stop feeling sad for him. During the program, Yuko's father is really upset and scared about Yuko. Her mother, Kaori Sakaki, starts to tear up and is thinks that Yuko will not survive the program and will be hearing her name being called off. Yuko's father comforts her and says to her that they need to have a little faith.

Kaori Sakaki

Kaori Sakaki

Kaori Sakaki[]

In the manga, Yuko's mother is a very religious woman. In the novel, Yuko's father would beat her mother with a golf club if she tried to stop him from abusing her. In the manga, when her daughter Yuko is in the program, she starts to tear up and is scared that she will not survive. Soichiro comforts her and he says that we need to have a little faith.

Older Brother[]

He was only mentioned in the novel. It is only said that Yuko's brother was at one time beaten with an ashtray by his father and almost lost his sight because of the incident. It is unknown if he existed in the manga.

Hirono Shimizu's Family[]

Mr and Mrs. Shimizu[]

Not much is known about Hirono's parents besides the fact they both considered their daughter to be a lost cause.

Mitsuko Souma's Family[]

Mitsuko\'s Father

Mitsuko's Father

Mr. Souma[]

Mitsuko's father only appears in the manga version of the story. In this version he is very kind to Mitsuko and often tries his best to make her happy, however he did something that the government didn't agree with so in order to protect his wife and daughter he decided to leave. Before he left, he gave Mitsuko a Magic Emily ring (something she wanted for a while) and told her that she will always be daddy's girl. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. In the novel, Mitsuko doesn't remember having a father while he's never mentioned in the film.

Mitsuko's Mother[]

In the novel, the history between Mitsuko and her mother is unknown until Mitsuko is nine years old in which her mother takes her to a rundown apartment room in the outskirts of town where Mitsuko is raped by three men who videotaped the event and paid Mitsuko's mother who most likely spent the money on alcohol. She tried to take Mitsuko to do it again but Mitsuko ended up accidentally killing her. After getting rid of all the evidence and making it look like a break-in, Mitsuko sat on the swings in a park and was taken to distant relatives.

Mitsuko\'s Stepfather

Mitsuko's Step-Father


Mitsuko's mother met him when Mitsuko was nine years old. In the beginning, he treated Mitsuko like his own daughter and even gave her a new doll to play with. However, this kindness was short-lived as he began to sexually abuse Mitsuko, going as far as to tell her that his erection was a sign of how much he loved her. This damaged Mitsuko's mind to a point where having sex was the answer to every problem. Eventually, she got tired of him and her mother and got a man she was sleeping with to stab them both.

Takako Chigusa's Family[]

Ayako Chigusa[]

Mr. Chigusa[]

Mrs. Chigusa[]

Noriko Nakagawa's Family[]

Mrs. Nakagawa[]

Nothing is known about Mrs. Nakagawa. It can be assumed she was upset when she learned her daughter was selected for the Program. When Noriko was discovered to have escaped, her brother was taken by the government and Mrs. Nakagawa was forced to call Noriko to tell her to turn herself in, which she refused.