Battle Royale

Girl #2 Suzuko Arikawa (有川 鈴子, Arikawa Suzuko) is a supporting character in the manga Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Suzuko is very calm and sweet. She was the nurse's aid at school.

In the Program[]

When some students say that Mitsugu Kawasaki is still alive, they ask for Suzuko's help. However, she says that she never dealt with such serious wounds. When a student pushes Makoto Hashimoto and the teacher thinks that she is offering to go on the mission, Suzuko also offers to go, saying that she wants to do her best. When Hajime Minami is shot and Makoto says that Katsushi Nomura pushed him, Suzuko says that now is not the time to argue, and that they must help Hajime. Suzuko did not get addicted to the pills, and tried in vain to make Makoto stop taking them. When Makoto shot herself, Suzuko tried to revive her only to have her collar detonated by Miwa Nakaya, causing her to bleed out.


  • The name Suzuko means "bell" (鈴) (suzu), and "child" (子) (ko)
  • Suzuko's surname Arikawa means "possess, happen" (有) (ari), and "stream, river" (川) (kawa)