Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Tadakatsu Hatagami (Novel). For the film, please go to Tadakatsu Hatagami (Film).

Tadakatsu Hatagami (旗上 忠勝, Hatagami Tadakatsu) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Tadakatsu was one of the star players of the baseball team, he is a generally well liked boy that often hung out with the other jocks, despite this his best friend was Yuichiro Takiguchi, a soft and kind boy. When informed of the program, Tadakatsu-like many others-put on an angry and tough façade, but deep down he was just as scared as everyone else.


Tadakatsu is best friends with Yuichiro. He is a former friend of Shuya Nanahara. It is shown that, even though he dislikes and doesn't trust Mitsuko Souma, he's still attracted to her, likely for her looks.

In the Program[]

He manages to meet up with his friend Yuichiro, who gives him his gun and they choose to travel together. Later Mitsuko Souma sneaks up on him while he is using the bathroom and tries to kill him but Yuichiro warns him, and she fails to kill him. Yuichiro persuades him to let Mitsuko stay with them, and put her on probationary status. She later makes him jealous, and then seduces him. During this time, it is revealed that Tadakatsu is a virgin. She attempts to slash his throat with a small razor-blade she hid on her collar, but both are surprised by a cat and she cuts his cheek instead. They both try to get the gun which is laying on the floor, and wake up Yuichiro, who was napping during the ordeal. Mitsuko tries to persuade Yuichiro that Tadakatsu was trying to rape her, and he tried to persuade Yuichiro of the truth. Tadakatsu sees Mitsuko eyeing her scythe, and tries to shoot her, but Yuichiro gets in the way. While Tadakatsu panics and tries to tend to his friend's injury, Mitsuko stabs him in the face and head with her scythe.


  • The name Tadakatsu means "loyalty" (忠) (tada), and "strong" (勝) (katsu)
  • Tadakatsu's surname Hatagami means "banner, standard" (旗) (hata), and "above" (上) (gami)