Battle Royale

Mr. Oda (full name unknown) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Mr. Oda is the father of Tadanori and Toshinori Oda. He owned the largest food wholesaler in the prefecture thus his family was very rich which gave him a narrow view on the world. This view extended to both of his sons especially Toshinori who would often use the word vulgar to describe anything beneath his status.

He planned to pass his company onto Tadanori as he felt he was more fit to own it than Toshinori. He felt that his younger son would be better suited to classing things up.

Due to the way his family views life, it is highly likely that he only married his wife for her appearance.

It is assumed that he was upset when he learned his son was selected to be a part of the program. When Shogo Kawada reminds Shuya Nanahara of all the classmates Kazuo Kiriyama killed, this man is shown mourning over Toshinori.