Battle Royale
Manga Information
Takako Chigusa
Chapter: 24
Volume: 3
Previous: The Ultimate Team
Next: Fallen Angel/ Honor
Deaths: None


Yonemi Kamon wonders how Hiroki Sugimura is progressing as he is slightly worried that he be taken out by a danger zone before he can do anything. A solider tells him that Hiroki has made it out and how it seems like he is searching for someone. Yonemi gets annoyed as he knows that he is searching for a girl named Takako Chigusa.

Elsewhere in the forest, Takako throws some pebbles to see if anyone is around. At first it seems she is, until she finds Kazushi Niida walking around. Takako does not want to join up with him so she tries to hide but Kazushi knows someone is nearby and threatens to shoot whoever it is, forcing Takako to make herself known.

Kazushi thinks he has hit the jackpot with Takako but she is angry that he is not keeping his voice down and tries to leave but Kazushi threatens to shoot her if she does. He then offers for a teamup which only annoys Takako even more. The two start to exchange more words which get both of them even more angry with each other and eventually Kazushi reveals that he has already murdered one person, Yoshio Akamatsu. Takako is briefly shocked but breaks into a grin as she knew that if anyone would play it would be Kazushi who now wants Takako to take off her clothing. Now Takako is pissed off and tells if him that if he touchs her, then he will be dead and then throws some more pebbles at him while she tries to make a run for it. Kazushi shoots an arrow into her leg which stops her. He then brings out Mayumi Tendo's nunchaku so he can beat on Takako. She decides that she has to play in order to get rid of Kazushi and pulls out the arrow. She tells him that if he really wants her, then to come get her but she promises that he will die a virgin. Kazushi gets ready to attack as Takako taughts him.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • First part of Takako vs Kazushi fight.