Character Information

Tatsuhiko Hasegawa

Kills: 0
Killed by:Explosion
Cause of Death:Mine trap
Actor: Kei Tamura

Male Student # 11: Tatsuhiko Hasegawa is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Tatsuhiko was a local boy and a soccer player (he grew up in Shikanotoride, as opposed to transferring to the school). He was a "ladies' man" with the girls.

In the programEdit

Tatsuhiko and a few others heard an explosion somewhere and they went to find out what it was. They discovered it was Masakatsu Taguchi who had stepped on a mine which dismembered him, and he died shortly after they discovered him. After his death, Honami Totsuka's collar activated because of the death of her assigned partner. Homani feared the worst and asked Risa Shindo for help. As Risa tried to help Honami, Tatsuhiko told Risa not to get too close to Honami and then he lost it and threatened the other students by pointing his gun at them. He did so because he couldn't take the game anymore and did not want to do it. Homani's collar eventually exploded, and Masakatsu's dead body fell on the mines, blowing them up. The explosions killed Tatsuhiko and three others.

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