Battle Royale

Tatsuro Morishima (森島 達郎, Morishima Tatsurō) was a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Born locally in town and graduated from a local elementary school, Tatsuro was a member of the family that owned the Komyoji Temple, and he would inherit the temple in the future. In Junior High, he joined the football society, and was a part of the local group. He was very gentle, and did not particularly stand out in class. He was also kind to girls, causing Ayane Yagi to develop a crush on him which she confessed, but he rejected her as he had no interest in girls.

Before the Program[]

In December 2003, Tatsuro was in a coach bus with all of his classmates and his class teacher Riki Takeuchi, heading for their Christmas school trip. However, unknown to them, they have been chosen to participate in the BRII Program, and the bus was actually going to the military base setup for the program. After entering a tunnel, all of the students on the bus have fallen asleep. This was deliberately caused by the officials of the program, so they could install explosive collars around their necks.

When Tatsuro and the others woke up, the bus had already arrived at the military base, with numerous journalists outside rushing to report on them. They were escorted off the bus, then to tents where they received combat uniforms and watches, before being led into a caged room. Moments later, their class teacher Riki Takeuchi entered the room. However, they soon realized Riki was the program overseer. An angry Masami Shibaki attempted to kill Riki by throwing a knife at him, but it missed. Riki then took the knife to intimidate his students, and Tatsuro was hiding at the back of his classmates the whole time.

Riki first explained the rule of the program, which was tracking down Shuya Nanahara and killing him. Afterward, he talked about the white line on the floor. He claimed the right side of the line belonged to winners, and the left side was for the losers. The soldiers at the back then pushed the students around, and Tatsuro ended up on the left side along with most of his classmates. Soon, the students on the right side decided to go back with the rest of them.

With all the students now staying at the left side, Riki started to call their names one by one, so that they could go to the right side and get their assigned supplies. While waiting for his name to be called, Tatsuro witnessed the brutal death of Shintaro Makimura, who refused to participate in the game. Since Shintaro died, his partner, Kazumi Fukuda's collar activated and detonated, and Tatsuro was present when her collar exploded.

After the two died, the program officially started. The surviving students were released from the caged room, and they were each given a rifle, before being loaded onto boats.

During the Program[]

At 6:00 AM, the helicopter pilot started introducing the details of the mission to the students, while Hibiki started panicking and pushed Tatsuro away to get to the edge of the boat.

Suddenly, members of the Wild Seven started shooting at the boats from the island. Ayane was hit by a bullet in the left arm, causing Tatsuro and the rest on the boat to panic. A rocket was then launched from the island and firing towards their boat, and Tatsuro was seen screaming with Ai when the boat was hit by the rocket, killing him and everyone aboard.


  • The name Tatsuro means "plural marker" (達) (tatsu), and "son" (郎) ()
  • Tatsuro's surname Morishima means "forest" (森) (mori), and "island" (島) (shima)


  1. While Riki Takeuchi announced his position as the 39th, it has been proven that his announcement might not be entirely reflecting the real situation. In fact, Tatsuro Morishima was killed along with 5 other students on the boat that exploded, and his position should be between the 34th and 39th. However, based on the place he was locating at when the explosion occurred, he should be killed after Hibiki Yano and before Ai Yazawa. Therefore, instead of the 39th, his actual position should be the 37th.