Character Information
Tatsuro Morishima
Killed by:Wild Seven
Cause of Death:Caught in boat explosion
Actor: Seiichi Ebina

Male Student # 19: Tatsuro Morishima (達郎森島, Morishima Tatsuro) is a character on the film Battle Royale II: Requiem. He is in Shinkatoride Junior High School, Class 3-B, the new class chosen for the BRII Program.


Tatsuro was a local boy and heir to a VIP in Shikanotoride.

During The ProgramEdit

Tatsuro is one of the first students to die in the BRII Program. During the Mission 1 assault, Wild Seven attacked the students' boats and shot the boat, which caused the first explosion; with the students, including Tatsuro, on it. He was paired with Girl #19 Ayane Yagi, who also died in the first explosion.