Battle Royale

The Worst Game in History is the first chapter of Battle Royale.


The Program is a state-sponsored TV show that pits a class full of ninth graders against each other and is one of the most popular shows in Japan. At the Jikeikan Orphan Care Facility, two young boys, Shuya Nanahara and Yoshiotoki Kuninobu, are waiting for their favorite television show, "Maximum Carnage", to come on. As the show starts, the broadcast is interrupted for a special program update. The boys just wanna see their show, while caretaker Ryoko Anno looks on in worry. It is soon reported that they have a winner and it is a girl. The clearly insane girl looks at the cameras and smiles. Shuya thinks she looks like a monster as Ryoko turns off the television.

Later that night, Yoshiotoki can't sleep as he is worried that once he is in ninth grade, then he too will be forced into the program. Ryoko tries to convince him that the chances of that happening are really low and with her protecting them, they are even lower. Shuya pops in and tells her that Yoshitoki and him will protect her as he quotes Maximum Carnage.

Years later, Shuya and Yoshitoki are now teenagers. Shuya has become interested in rock music and Yoshitoki walks into the room where he is playing to tell his friend that he is being too loud and he might get into trouble. Shuya knows that Yoshitoki is just being paranoid and he still loves his music.

Elsewhere, a boy with one earring and short spiky hair is playing basketball and lands it in the hoop. A crowd of girls cheer his name as he wonders if he has enough condoms for each of them and when he realizes he doesn't, decide to improvise for some of them. This boy's name is Shinji Mimura.

Outside, a rough looking boy named Shogo Kawada is smoking a cigarette as two boys from another class talk about him. They heard that Shogo was in juvie, nearly got himself killed and was held back.

At a park, a boy with long hair is practicing his martial arts, his name is Hiroki Sugimura.

In an alleyway, a group of boys have just defeated several members of yakuza. One of the men tells the boys that they are in a world of trouble now, but one of the boys named Mitsuru Numai just praises his boss, Kazuo Kiriyama. The man is shocked to hear that.

In a garage, an older man is begging to see a beautiful girl flash him as she teases him with a look at her underwear. This girl is Mitsuko Souma.

Shuya and Yoshitoki have returned to the Orphan Care Facility and Yoshitoki confesses to Shuya that he thinks he found a girl that he likes and when Shuya asks, Yoshitoki doesn't respond.

In a home, a cute girl is baking cookies but her little brother keeps eating them. She makes him a deal that she'll make him his own batch if he stops. This girl is Noriko Nakagawa.

Shuya tells Yoshitoki that it is perfect timing, as they have the graduation trip the next day and continues to tease his friend throughout the night.

The next day, Shuya is still teasing Yoshitoki about his crush until Noriko interrupts to offer them cookies. Yoshiotoki takes one as Shuya continues to tease him until he notices that Yoshitoki has fallen asleep and then sees Noriko has too. Eventually he starts to feel tired as he notices the entire class is asleep, except for Shogo Kawada, who is trying to bust open the window but fails and falls asleep. Shuya then sees what appears to be a gas mask on the driver as he too falls asleep.

Ryoko learns from a group of men that something has happened to Shuya and Yoshitoki. She objects to and tells the short man that they don't deserve what is going to happen, as the man just sighs with a smile.

Shuya wakes up in what appears to be a classroom and everyone else starts to awaken. All of them are confused and Shuya looks around for his friends. When he sees Noriko, he notices she is wearing a collar and then realizes he has one too. Shogo seems to know already what is happening. The same man who told Ryoko the news about the class stands in front of the room and gets everyone's attention. He introduces himself as Yonemi Kamon and he tells the class that the next few days are going to be a game and goes on to describe what some of the class might be feeling while playing this game. It is a survival of the fittest type of game and forty-two will play until they have a winner. It is going to be a kill or be killed game. Shuya then realizes that their class has been selected for the program.