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Toshinori Oda (織田 敏憲, Oda Toshinori) is an unpleasant boy, said to resemble a frog. He knows he is ugly, and as a result is resentful towards the boys in his class who are good-looking. He also hates the boys who are tall, as he is quite short (162 centimeters). He has a disdain for women, and views them as merely tools for producing children, or to show off as "trophy wives". He is resentful towards all people that he considers to be "vulgar".

As well as his dislike for most other people, Toshinori has an aversion to dirt, and in particular, dirty houses. He also shows disgust for what he calls "vulgar" activities, endeavors, and people. Included in these supposed "vulgarities" are rock music, promiscuous sex, including homosexual relationships, and those that are in a lower socioeconomic status than Toshinori and his family.

Toshinori comes from an extremely wealthy family. His father owns a large food company, which was due to be passed to Toshinori's brother, Tadanori Oda, upon his death or retirement. Toshinori views a vast majority of his classmates, and even his brother, as being "vulgar", and he views himself as being far more important than any of them. Toshinori also considers his intellect far superior to that of his classmates and even some of his instructors.

He excels at playing the violin. His ambition is to become the conductor of the government's Symphony Orchestra. His skills at the violin, unbeknownst to Toshinori, were surpassed only by Kazuo Kiriyama, who is uninterested in the instrument despite his skill with it. Toshinori's only known other hobby is collecting model guns, and, though familiar with their operation, he has never fired a real gun.


Toshinori is short and ugly, as his initial introduction compares him to a frog.

Friends and Enemies[]

Toshinori has no known friends and appears to view all his classmates as vulgar. He has a particular hatred for Shuya Nanahara, due to the fact that Shuya is better looking, taller, and his rock music is far more popular amongst his classmates. He also hates Kazuo Kiriyama, which stems from a place of jealousy, for not only is Kazuo tall and handsome, his family is also richer than Toshinori's family.

In the Program

Toshinori receives a defensive item as his designated weapon - a kevlar vest. He then hides near a house in the residential area. Later, he is disturbed by Hirono Shimizu, who is looking for water in a nearby well. He sneaks up on Hirono and attempts to strangle her with his belt, only to be shot in the stomach by her. Unaware that he was wearing the kevlar, Hirono turned away from Toshinori and continued drinking water, giving him the chance to attack her again. This time, he managed to strangle her. He took Hirono's gun and continued hiding. At some point between Hirono's death and his next appearance, he finds a helmet to wear for head protection.

Later, he has a chance meeting with Hiroki Sugimura, who is reluctant to fight. Toshinori first attempts to deceive Hiroki while reaching for his gun, but Hiroki catches onto his act and shoots Toshinori's ring finger off, ruining any chance he had of pursuing a career as a violinist. While Toshinori is distracted by his injury, Kazuo Kiriyama appears and shoots him in the chest, giving Hiroki an opportunity to run away. Toshinori's vest saves him again, but he plays dead, planning to kill Kazuo when the latter goes to check the former's daypack. His plan backfires; he becomes nervous as Kazuo approaches and examines his body. Kazuo, noticing that Toshinori had not bled, knows he is still alive. He then shoots Toshinori through his helmet, causing the bullets to ricochet and kill him. Kazuo then takes Toshinori's kevlar vest.


  • The name Toshinori means "agile, alert" (敏) (toshi), and "basic law" (憲) (nori)
  • Toshinori's surname Oda means "fabric, material" (織) (o), and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da)