Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter 35-Trap
Chapter: 35
Volume: 5
Previous: Last Man Standing
Next: Thirst
Deaths: Sho Tsukioka


Sho Tsukioka continues following Kazuo Kiriyama but starts to worry when he realizes that they are heading towards D-8 which will be a danger zone at five. Kazuo stops in front of a restroom and looks at his clock, Kazuo steps in as Sho starts to giggle at the thought of Kazuo peeing, and thinks it is cute that he went out of his way to find a restroom.

Sho takes a moment to look at his map to make sure he knows where they are and starts to think he shouldn't doubt Kazuo as he knows what he is doing. Sho takes out his cigarette and thinks back to his homelife as he wishes to have a drink and shower. Sho looks back and hears that Kazuo is still in the restroom and now Sho is getting annoyed with how long Kazuo is taking. It is then that the wind opens the door and Sho sees a water bottle has been pierced and Kazuo is nowhere to be found. Sho panics and searchs around for Kazuo and when he finds him, he sees Kazuo is already far away. Kazuo turns around as Sho realizes what he happened, Kazuo had tricked Sho into staying inside the zone. Sho knows what is going to happen to him as it is now five and his collar explodes. Kazuo looks at the corpse of his former "friend" and walks away.

Male Student # 14: Sho Tsukioka: Eliminated.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Last appearance of Sho during the game.