"Chocolate's getting old, vanilla just leaves me cold! There's just one flavor good enough for me (YEAH ME). Don't gimme no crummy taste spoon- I know what I need. Baby,' I love Rocky Road! So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby? I love Rocky Road!-So come and have another triple scoop with me!"-Weird AlEdit

"A student is not a tangerine."-Kinpatsu Sakamochi

Hello! I am just making edits here to try and clean up some of the pretty daunting grammar mistakes and inconsistencies on some of the pages and to add a few much needed pages where they are much needed. I have always been a huge BR fan, and I would love to see and help build a nice, solid wiki to go with my favorite book and movie. If you have any questions for me, don't be afraid to ask!  Let's all have fun together! :) 

Bruce Springsteen Born to Run lyrics

Bruce Springsteen Born to Run lyrics

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