Battle Royale

Wataru Mukai (向井 渉, Mukai Wataru) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Wataru was bright and cheerful and he was the mood-setter for the rugby team.

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

After Yosuke Miyadai was shot and fell down dead, Kiyoshi Minamoto shouted his name in fear, causing Wataru and everyone else on the boat to panic. Because of Yosuke's death, his partner Yuka Mifune's collar activated. Just before Yuka died, she backed into Wataru and her collar detonated, slightly knocking Wataru backwards. The collar explosion also caused the boat to explode, killing Wataru and everyone else on board.


  • The name Wataru means "to extend" (渉)
  • Wataru's surname Mukai means "facing forward" (向) (muka), and "well, mine shaft" (井) (i)


  1. While Riki Takeuchi announced his position as the 30th, it has been proven that his announcement might not be entirely reflecting the real situation. In fact, Wataru Mukai was killed along with 3 other students on the boat that exploded, and his position should be between the 29th and 32nd. However, based on the place he was locating at when the explosion occurred, he should be killed after Yuka Mifune and before Asuka Motomura. Therefore, instead of the 30th, his actual position should be the 31st.