Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter 99-Where The Gun Points
Where The Gun Points
Chapter: 99
Volume: 13
Previous: Magic Tool
Next: The Identity of the Heart
Deaths: Mitsuko Souma

Witness the closing moment of the fight between Mitsuko and Kazuo, as Kazuo's gun is pointed at the deranged girl, has she managed do what no one else has and earn mercy from him?


Kazuo Kiriyama has his gun pointed at the insane Mitsuko Souma who appears to have regressed back to being a young child. Kazuo briefly drops his gun which makes Mitsuko smile as she repeats the same word over and over. To her shock, Kazuo didn't drop his gun out of mercy but because of his injury from his battle with Hiroki Sugimura.

Kazuo shoots Mitsuko right in the nose which blows away half of her face and she falls to the ground, with her magic emily ring still raised. No longer the attractive girl, but a deformed corpse. Her last thoughts of that of her father. Kazuo finds a table to sit down so he can repair his injury. Once he is done, he makes sure it works right and leaves the area.

Elsewhere Shuya Nanahara explains that he cannot give up on either Kazuo or Mitsuko as he knows they are just kids who are damaged. Shogo Kawada continues to use his bird whistle so Hiroki can join them as he remembers Keiko Onuki telling him that people and their emotions. Shogo tells Shuya and Noriko Nakagawa that he used to get into similar discussions with Keiko and shows off her picture to them. They remark on how attractive she was and Shogo telsl them that she was his girlfriend but that was her mistake as she trusted him but he never wanted to hurt her. This makes Shuya realize that Keiko was in the same class as Shogo thus she too was in the program. Shogo remembers exactly how things went down as he starts to tell them what went on during the last time he played.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Final appearance of Mitsuko during the game.
  • Final part of the Mitsuko vs. Kazuo fight.