Wild Seven is a terrorist group (freedom fighters in their own right) in the 2003 film Battle Royale II: Requiem. They are led by Shuya Nanahara.

The name "Wild Seven" is derived from the nickname of Shuya Nanahara from the first movie, which itself is derived from a fictional brand of cigarettes that Shogo Kawada smoked in the first film, itself derived from the real-life cigarette brand Mild Seven.


Main membersEdit

Other membersEdit

An unspecified number of runaway children and teenagers are also included in Wild Seven, most prominently a young boy named Jin as well as Mai, a prior Battle Royale winner briefly depicted in the first movie.

After the surviving Shikinatoride students are captured by the Wild Seven, they effectively join the group following a raid launched by a Japanese special forces unit on the night of their capture.


Latin (original):

Jacta Alea Est

English (translation):

The Die is Cast.

The slogan is on the top right of the Wild Seven flag. The original Latin phrase is Alea iacta est, alleged to have been spoken by Julius Caesar upon crossing the river Rubicon and starting a civil war.


The Wild Seven uses an arsenal of mostly Soviet and home-made weapons. They do not possess any heavy weaponry.