Battle Royale
Manga Information
Chapter: 73
Volume: 10
Previous: Yuko Sakaki
Next: Reparation
Deaths: None

Shuya has walked into the kitchen to find five dead girls and Yuko. How will she react when she sees the demon boy?


Kaori Sakaki cries as she looks at a photo of her daughter, Yuko and hopes that God and her friends will protect Yuko from danger.Souichiro Sakaki tries to comfort his her but he knows in the program there are no winners, that she is hurting and there is nothing they can do to help her.

At the lighthouse, Yuko has opened fire on the demon boy, Shuya Nanahara but she has bad aim and knocks herself back to the wall. Shuya dashes towards Yuka Nakagawa's gun while Yuko isn't looking and aims towards her. Yuko makes a run toward the door as Shuya shouts at her to wait. Yuko stumbles around in the hallway as she loses her mind while Shuya follows after her. Shuya tries again to ask her to wait but she replies that he is not getting her like he got Tatsumichi Oki. Shuya tries to explain that it was an accident but Yuko thinks he is lying and fires more bullets towards him. Shuya escapes back into the kitchen in time and looks at Yukie Utsumi's corpse. He remembered that she told him that some of the girls are still distrusting of boys so that why she had to lock him in. Shuya then realizes that it wasn't a boy who murdered all these girls and it was actually the girls who turned on each other.

Yuko makes her way to the top of the lighthouse as Shuya follows her, demanding to know what she did. Yuko makes it outside but the strong wind knocks her close to the rails. Seeing how far down it is, scares Yuko who backs up to the wall. Shuya appears and asks her again what happened. She replies it was him that happened and shoots at him. The force of the gun makes Yuko lose her balance as she falls over the rails.

Back at the Sakaki home, Yuko's parents just wish they could have Yuko back, no matter if she was insane, as long as she was back with them. The two put their faith in God for their daughter's safety.

At the lighthouse, Shuya makes it in time to grab Yuko's hand as he tells her that can make it though this.