Battle Royale

Yasuaki Hosaka (保坂 康昭, Hosaka Yasuaki) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Yasuaki was a weakling and introvert who associated with Maho Nosaka. He wanted to be a doctor. His neck may have been easily irritated, since he complained about the collar hurting before the BR II briefing began.

Before the Program[]

Before the program started, Hosaka complained to Riki Takeuchi about the necklace hurting. After Kazumi Fukuda's collar detonates, he, Maho Nosaka, Tatsuhiko Hasegawa, Ayane Yagi, Kiyoshi Minamoto, Shiho Matsuki, and Tetsuya Shimura are splashed by her blood.

During the Program[]

Hosaka survived Mission 1, The Landing Maneuver. He also survived Mission 2, Retrieving The Ammo. He also survived the mine trap along with Naoki Jo's group. He tries to calm Maho down as Shota Hikasa tries to get him up but Maho pulls him away and continues to yell. He was shot in the chest along with Maho Nosaka by a sniper. Because of his death, his partner, Mayu Hasuda's collar activated, but she was saved when Maki Souda activated the EMB and disabled the collars.


  • The name Yasuaki means "ease, peace" (康) (yasu), and "shining, bright" (昭) (aki)
  • Yasuaki's surname Hosaka means "protect" (保) (ho), and "slope" (坂) (saka)