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Yoji Kuramoto (倉元 洋二, Kuramoto Yōji) is described as having thick eyelashes and a "Latin" look. He began dating his classmate Yoshimi Yahagi after they bumped into each other in town one day, and decided to see a movie. He claimed to have started dating her because he heard she was promiscuous, but this could have been said because of the pressure he endured in the program. Regardless, he soon grew to care for her, giving her his fortune at the New Year festival because it was more positive than hers. He first slept with Yoshimi on the 18th of January. Yoji always kissed Yoshimi by first kissing her lips, then her eyelids, and finally the tip of her nose.

Yoji had a positive influence on Yoshimi, though he didn't realize it. He made her believe she could change and she stopped getting involved with the police and became a better student.


Yoji was described as having a "Latin look" with thick eyelashes and a hooked nose.

Friends and Enemies[]

It is unknown who his friends and enemies are but he was going out with Yoshimi.

In the Program

Yoji's designated weapon was a rusted antique dagger. He hid in one of the houses in H-8 and when it became a forbidden zone he went on the move, much like Yoshimi. He had wandered aimlessly, before happening to meet up with Yoshimi, the two then talk for a minute and Yoshimi, thinking Yoji will protect her, hands over her Colt M1911 to him. Yoji then threatens her with the gun, claiming that he never really liked her. Yoshimi pleads with him and tries to prove her love to him. Just as Yoji begins to realize that Yoshimi is right and that he is in love with her, Mitsuko Souma implants her sickle in the back of his skull, killing him. Mitsuko claims to have done this because Yoji had attacked her friend. In reality she wants to take Yoshimi hostage so she could use her as a human shield, and Yoji prevented this plan from taking place.


  • The name Yoji means "ocean" (洋) (), and "two" (二) (ji)
  • Yoji's surname Kuramoto means "warehouse, storehouse" (倉) (kura), and "base, origin" (元) (moto)