Yonemi Kamon

Yonemi Kamon (嘉門 米美 Kamon Yonemi) is a fictional character in the manga version of Battle Royale.

Yonemi is the administrator of the Battle Royale Program. Yonemi is almost exactly the same as the novel's Kinpatsu Sakamochi; he is just as, if not more, sadistic, and also takes great pleasure in watching the class die. He appears to be very cocky and arrogant and also proves through some of the statements he makes that he is a lecher. However, Yonemi may be even MORE villainous than Sakamochi as he openly mocks the students and shows more of a personality than Sakamochi.

Yonemi, like Sakamochi, is a government employee who has never had anything to do with the class before the Program, and, also like Sakamochi, he never ventures out of the Okishima Island School during the course of the Program. He spends most of his time eating, smoking, watching the monitors and listening in on the students' conversations.

Yonemi also tells Shuuya Nanahara and Yoshitoki Kuninobu that he raped the orphanage careworker, Ms. Ryoko Anno (whether it was a lie or not is ambiguous), and then, like in the novel, Yoshitoki attacks him and Yonemi shoots Yoshitoki himself for the same reasons that Sakamochi had him shot by three soldiers in the novel. He also kills Fumiyo Fujiyoshi in the same way Kitano does in the film (getting her with a throwing knife). These two attacks show that he is very proficient in the use of weapons. Reasonable, as he works for the military government.

When Yonemi makes the announcements, he likes to make cruel jokes about the dead students, such as saying "2 for the price of one" when he announces the deaths of Yumiko Kusaka and Yukiko Kitano.

Similar to Sakamochi, Kamon also places bets on the game and reveals to Shogo Kawada that he bet 20,000 yen on Kazuo Kiriyama to win and also complains that it was a large bet to lose for somebody of his wage bracket.

Yonemi's appearance compared to Sakamochi's description is not too far off, as the clothes Yonemi wears seem to match what Sakamochi is described as wearing, except Yonemi has shorter hair than Sakamochi who is described as having very long hair.

Yonemi, like both the novel's Kinpatsu Sakamochi and the film's Kitano, is killed after the Program is over by Shuuya's trio after Shogo Kawada tricks the system by disabling Shuya and Noriko's explosive collars. Yonemi dies when Shogo Kawada impales his neck with a pencil.