Character Information
Yoshimi Yahagi
Position: 26th
Kills: 0
Killed by: Mitsuko Souma
Cause of Death: Shot
Chapter Death: 30
Assigned Weapon: Colt .45 Handgun


Yoshimi Yahagi (矢作好美 Yahagi Yoshimi) was friends with Mitsuko Souma and Hirono Shimizu. Yoshimi used to regularly steal from and torment her classmates. Yoshimi is described as one of the more urban girls in Shiroiwa.

Yoshimi was in love with Yoji Kuramoto, her boyfriend. They met at school and started dating when they ran into each other while out shopping. They first slept together on Saturday 18th January. She was arrested several times for theft, and once for blackmail. She dabbled in prostitution, after Mitsuko Souma introduced her to some middle-aged men who were willing to part with their money, but she stopped when she started dating Yoji.

Yoshimi is insecure and Yoji helped her feel that she could change for the better. She really got involved with all the crime because she was fed up with her life at the time and she felt really misunderstood. She never had very high grades but Yoshimi wasn't really bad and untrustworthy like some of her classmates believe her to be. She regrets her mistakes and is easily manipulated or pushed into things.


Yoshimi has curls and she has a baby face.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Yoshimi was part of the gang with Mitsuko Souma and Hirono Shimizu who involved themselves in prostitution, larceny, blackmail, extortion and drugs. Yoshimi was going out with Yoji Kuramoto.

In the Program

Yoshimi is the last person in to leave the school and hides out in a house until it is declared a danger zone and she starts to get away from the area. Once she is cleared she rests for a bit and notices someone and Yoshimi is thrilled it is Yoji and the two talk briefly about their love for each other and kiss but she is shocked when Yoji points her gun at her. They talk and Yoji starts to realise that he could not kill Yoshimi because he loves her. Yoshimi realises that this kind of thing has happened before, and that Yoji finds it hard to deal with Yoshimi's past simply because he cares so much. Before they could do anything, Mitsuko appears and stabs Yoji's head with her sickle,

Yoshimi finally notices Mitsuko when she overcomes the shock. Angry at this, Yoshimi threatens Mitsuko, who retaliates and shoots Yoshimi in the eye; Mitsuko wishes to use Yoshimi as a human shield prior to the incident.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is one on the seven students who's lost their virginity.
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