Battle Royale

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Yoshio Akamatsu (赤松 義生, Akamatsu Yoshio) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Nothing about Yoshio's background was ever mentioned, although he seemed to be very paranoid and easily frightened. If Yoshio was anything like his novel and manga counterparts, then he would've enjoyed video games and would've been bullied by Ryuhei Sasagawa.

Friends & Enemies[]

It is unknown whom Yoshio was friends or enemies with. He was not apparently close to anyone as he was willing to murder any one of his classmates. He may have been bullied by his classmates, which might have contributed to his distrust of them.

Before the Program[]

Before Kitano retired, Class B decided to take the day off and skip school, Yoshio included; he attended the basketball game against Class A and celebrated when Class B won. Yoshio decided to go on the class trip; while on the bus, he most likely took a nap. Yoshio fell asleep after breathing in a sleeping gas that was pumped into the bus; he was then transported to an island and fitted with an explosive collar.

Yoshio, along with the rest of the class woke up in a classroom on the island; unnerved by the presence of Shogo Kawada and Kazuo Kiriyama, he rushed over to the windows and watched a helicopter land next to the school. Yoshio was shocked to see that Kitano had returned. When Kitano asked the students if they knew about The BR Act law, Yoshio kept silent, obviously knowing the law but afraid to say it aloud. Yoshio was horrified upon seeing Masao Hayashida's dead body. When Fumiyo Fujiyoshi was killed, Yoshio panicked and ran towards the door trying to escape before running towards the back of the room when the soldiers began firing. When Yoshitoki Kuninobu's collar get activated, he grabs ahold of Yoshio who pushes him away just before it explodes.

When his name is called, Yoshio looks back at his classmates before grabbing his school bag, running to the front of the room, catching his supply bag, stumbling out of the classroom and hesitating; a soldier shouted at him to go and Yoshio hurried out of the school.

During the Program[]

He is first seen after Mayumi Tendo collapses in front of Shuya Nanahara with an arrow in her neck. As he is holding a crossbow, he is revealed to be Mayumi's killer. He attempts to shoot at Shuya, this time piercing Mayumi's leg. Realizing what happened to Mayumi, Shuya threw his flashlight at Yoshio, knocking him off his feet and causing him to roll down the hill. Noriko Nakagawa came out of the school and Shuya stopped her from walking towards Yoshio and they ran away together.


Yoshio, dead after being shot with an arrow by Kazushi Niida (left).

Waking up a few minutes later, Yoshio began searching around in a panic, trying to find his crossbow while questioning what he's doing. Kazushi Niida approached and asked him what he was doing before noticing the crossbow and picking it up, questioning if its his. When Yoshio charged him, trying to get the crossbow back, Kazushi fell down and reflexively fired the crossbow, hitting Yoshio in the heart and killing him. Yoshio is later mentioned by Kazushi when he and Takako Chigusa were talking prior to Kazushi's death.


  • The name Yoshio means "righteous" (義) (yoshi), and "hero, manly" (生) (o)
  • Yoshio's surname Akamatsu means "red" (赤) (aka), and "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu)


  • Yoshio is one of two males to kill a female in the program. The other is Kazuo Kiriyama.