Character Information

Yoshio Akamatsu

Kills: 1 (Mayumi Tendo)
Killed by:Kazushi Niida
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon:


Actor:Shin Kusaka


Nothing about Yoshio's background was ever mentioned, although Yoshio seemed to have a very high level of paranoia.

Friends & EnemiesEdit

It is unknown whom Yoshio was friends or enemies with. He apparently didn't have anyone close to him as he was willing to murder any one of his classmates.

In the ProgramEdit


Yoshio, dead after being shot by an arrow. Kazushi Niida can be seen to the left.

When Yoshitoki Kuninobu grabs hold of him as his his collar beeps, Yoshio pushes him away just before it explodes. When his is the first name to be called, Yoshio answers "Yes!" in a panic, and stumbles for the door after he is given his bag. When he hesitates, a soldier shouts, "Go already!" and Yoshio hurries outside.

Yoshio Akamatsu fled the school and hid, but returned when he got the idea of taking revenge on his classmates for the bullying they had subjected him to. He got back in time for Mayumi Tendo to leave the school. He shoots from his crossbow and an arrow pierces through Mayumi's neck. As she collapses in front of Shuya Nanahara (because he is Boy #15, he came out after Mayumi) he attempts to shoot at him, this time piercing her leg. Realizing what happened to Mayumi, Shuya threw his flashlight at Yoshio, knocking him unconscious. Noriko Nakagawa came out of the school and left with Shuya.

Waking up a few minutes later, Yoshio began searching around in a panic, trying to find his crossbow. Kazushi Niida (due to the fact that he is Boy #16 he went out after Noriko) approached, holding the weapon. When Yoshio charged him, trying to get the crossbow back, Kazushi fell down and reflexively fired the crossbow, killing Yoshio.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • In the film adaptation Yoshio Akamatsu is, with Kazuo Kiriyama, the only male to kill a female in the program.
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