Character Information
Yoshio Akamatsu
Position: 39th
Kills: 1 (Mayumi Tendo)
Killed by: Kazushi Niida
Cause of Death: Shot
Death Location and Time: G-7 (Before 6 am, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 7: Trust
Assigned Weapon: Crossbow


Yoshio was a big fan of video games however the noise of the games often bugged Ryuhei Sasagawa who would beat up Yoshio. Yoshio was beat up over bringing the wrong type of food by Hiroshi Kuronaga. Whenever Shuya Nanahara witnessed this, he would try to make Yoshio feel better with talk of video games, several other classmates would also join in.

Friends & EnemiesEdit

Yoshio seemed to be close to Yuichiro Takiguchi. He was on good terms with Shuya Nanahara and his friends. Although he also had his enemies which were Ryuhei Sasagawa, Mitsuru Numai, Hiroshi Kuronaga, Hirono Shimizu and Yoshimi Yahagi. As for the rest of his classmates, they all seemed to like Yoshio but he wasn't that close to any of them.

In the ProgramEdit

When Yoshio hears his name called, he starts to cry and as he leaves, he debates the situation. In fear of dying he returns to the school, just in time to murder Mayumi Tendo with his Crossbow. As Shuya comes out, he is almost persuaded to join Shuya and to stop playing but he suddenly goes mad again as he thinks of the reactions of the others after they discover he killed poor innocent Mayumi. At this moment, Noriko Nakagawa walks out and Yoshio aims at her. In retaliation Shuya knocks Yoshio of the school's entrance roof by hurling a arrow into his shoulder.

As Yoshio begins to regain consciousness, he realizes that he lost his crossbow. He looks around for it and doesn't realize that Kazushi Niida is behind him. Kazushi shoots an arrow at him which hits him in the side of the face.

Notes & TriviaEdit

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