Character Information
Yoshitoki Kuninobu
Kills: 0
Killed by:Kitano
Cause of Death:Collar Detonation
Assigned Weapon:n/a (Unknown)
Actor:Yukihiro Kotani


Yoshitoki grew up in an orphanage where he met Shuya Nanahara. One day in 7th grade, he stabbed his teacher Kitano in the buttocks after getting fed up with him. Kitano resigned from his position after the incident and Yoshitoki quit coming to school. He only came back after Noriko Nakagawa convinced him that if he did, they could go on the 9th grade class trip together. His nickname was "Nobu", a shortening of his surname.

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Yoshitoki's best friend was Shuya Nanahara whom he confided in about his crush on Noriko Nakagawa.

In the ProgramEdit


Yoshitoki one second after his collar exploded.

Yoshitoki is one of the most defiant students in the class as Kitano tells them they are the latest participants in the Battle Royale program. When Kitano recognizes him and mocks him for being "No good" and only coming back to school for the class trip, Yoshitoki sneers at him, prompting Kitano to smack him. Yoshitoki refuses to remain quiet and attempts to fight Kitano and the soldiers in the classroom. Taking revenge for Yoshitoki's past attack on him, Kitano stabs Yoshitoki in the buttocks with the knife used to kill Fumiyo Fujiyoshi, and Lieutenant Anjo punches Yoshitoki in the face after Yoshitoki is angered by Noriko's bullet wound in the arm.

Angered further by the cheerful woman in the recorded video telling the class about the BR program, Yoshitoki interrupts again, yelling "You assholes!" and wrestles with Kyoichi Motobuchi when Kyoichi complains about not being able to hear the video. At this point, Kitano comments, "There's no helping you, is there?" and sets Yoshitoki's collar to detonate.

Yoshitoki flies into a panic as his collar begins beeping, rushing toward different students, begging for help. No one lets him get near, pushing him away when he tries to approach. The whole class backs away to the walls of the classroom, leaving Yoshitoki by himself. In the last few seconds, he turns to his best friend and shouts, "Shuya!" Nanahara shouts "Nobu!" and the collar detonates, killing Yoshitoki instantly.

In Shuya's dream, "Requiem I: 9th Grade Class B Friends", after Shuya remembers a basketball game in which he played at school, Yoshitoki appears, watching Shuya from a railing. He catches a basketball that bounces up to him, smiles down at Shuya, and asks him to look after Noriko.


  • A student from the second movie, Kazumi Fukuda died before the game started much like Kuninobu's, only her collar took more seconds than Yoshitoki's collar did to detonate.
  • It's likely that his weapon could have been an axe as in the video the instructor shows an axe as one of the posible weapons and nobody else got it or he either could have gotten the same weapon as boy number 8 as he got Nobu's bag.
  • Nobu's death was a reason for Shuya to protect Noriko.
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