Battle Royale

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Yoshitoki Kuninobu (国信 慶時, Kuninobu Yoshitoki) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Yoshitoki's parents got divorced when he was young, and since neither of them wanted to raise him, he got dumped at the Charity House Orphanage. There he met Shuya Nanahara and the two became best friends, always spending time together and mimicking Sentai TV shows, specifically 'Maximum Carnage', such as when Shuya tried to cheer up Yukiko Kitano. One day when they were kids, the show they were watching was interrupted to announce the winner of that year's BR Program; the winner, a girl, had been mutilated during the program and was smiling maniacally. Yoshitoki and Shuya both questioned why she looked happy, but Ryoko Anno (the pair's caretaker) knew what the smile meant and wept for the girl. As he got older, Yoshitoki developed a crush on Ms. Anno (though whether his feelings were genuine or he was confused by teenage hormones is never specified).

Friends and Enemies[]

Yoshitoki's best friend was Shuya Nanahara, whom he had known since Shuya came to the Charity House at the age of eight. Yoshitoki's other friends were Hiroki Sugimura, Shinji Mimura, and Yutaka Seto.

It was through Shuya that Yoshitoki would become friends with them, although he was the first one to meet Shinji when Shinji noticed Shuya when he was kicked off the baseball team and talked about him with Yoshitoki. Shinji thought that Shuya didn't know when to quit but once Yoshitoki told him that this was the way Shuya was and he would do anything, no matter what as long as he thought it was right, then he figured Shuya was a cool guy. Shinji would come over to the Charity House during the summer to check up on the depressed Shuya and it was assumed that he bonded with Yoshitoki. Because of their friendship with Shinji, Yoshitoki and Shuya gained another friend in Shinji's best friend Yutaka. It is unknown how exactly close the two were.

Yoshitoki was also friends with Hiroki after Shuya introduced the two. It is unknown how close they were.

Yoshitoki didn't really have any enemies in his class, although he didn't care for the Kiriyama Family.

In the Program[]

When Yonemi Kamon claims to have raped Ms. Anno, Yoshitoki becomes enraged towards Kamon and attempts to attack him, but Kamon shot Yoshitoki in the face, partially destroying it. When Noriko begged Yonemi to help Yoshitoki, he "helped" by shooting him in the head, killing him.


  • The name Yoshitoki means "jubilation" (慶) (yoshi), and "time, occasion" (時) (toki)
  • Yoshitoki's surname Kuninobu means "country" (国) (kuni), and "faith, trust" (信) (nobu)



  • This is the only version of Yoshitoki to not have a crush on Noriko, though Shuya did assume it was her at first.
  • Yoshitoki is one of four characters who were killed by different people in each version of Battle Royale; the others are Fumiyo Fujiyoshi, Kaori Minami, and Kazuo Kiriyama. For Yoshitoki, this is because each version has its own 'teacher'.