Battle Royale

Yosuke Miyadai (宮台 洋介, Miyadai Yōsuke) is a minor character in the film, Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Yosuke was a local boy. He was a member of the baseball team, but dropped out. He is currently a ghost member.

Friends and Enemies[]

Yosuke was friends with Shota Hikasa and possibly Kiyoshi Minamoto (since they were sitting next to each other in the bus); he owed Mayu Hasuda a favor but it's unknown if their relationship went beyond this.

Before the Program[]

During The Program[]

When his boat closes in on the island Wild Seven is hiding out on, a sniper shoots him in the head, killing him instantly; his body starts bopping Shiho Matsuki on the head, and she pushes him back thinking he's messing with her; his body slumps over, causing the others in the boat to realize he's dead and they start panicking. Because of his death Yuka Mifune's collar activated and detonated, causing the boat to explode and killing everyone else on board.


  • The name Yosuke means "ocean" (洋) (), and "help, assist" (介) (suke)
  • Yosuke's surname Miyadai means "palace, princess" (宮) (miya), and "pedestal" (台) (dai)