Battle Royale

For the novel, please go to Yuichiro Takiguchi (Novel). For the film, please go to Yuichiro Takiguchi (Film).

Yuichiro Takiguchi (滝口 優一郎, Takiguchi Yūichirō) is a minor character in Battle Royale.


Yuichiro was a short boy, who looked slightly younger than his age. He was a big anime fan, and many of his classmates thought of him as an otaku. He found it very easy to sympathize with people and was very shy, especially around girls.

In the Program[]

He managed to meet up with his friend Tadakatsu, and they chose to travel together. When Mitsuko creeps up on Tadakatsu, intending to kill him, Yuichiro interrupts her. The two of them took Mitsuko hostage, Tadakatsu refusing to trust her. Tadakatsu decides to take a nap but makes sure Yuichiro watches Mitsuko as he sleeps. Mitsuko and Yuichiro talk for a while where Yuichiro tells her that he believes that she isn't as bad as their classmates say she is since she seems to have a sad look in her eyes. Mitsuko is touched by his words but her mind has been damaged to a point where she believes he is just trying to gain her trust. He later unties her hands so she can have a drink from his bottle of water and Mitsuko is still surprised that Yuichiro is showing so much kindness to her as she is not used to it. Tadakatsu soon wakes up and takes over. Mitsuko decides it's time to kill him while Yuichiro is sleeping and when she is alone with Tadakatsu, she seduces him and while he is making out with her she tries to get a razor blade taped to her collar and uses it to slice his neck however a cat alerts him and the cut is shallow. Mitsuko runs back to Yuichiro, but not before throwing away the blade.

Yuichiro wakes up to the gunfire and sees Mitsuko half naked and Tadakatsu with a cut on his neck. Both try to tell Yuichiro to listen to them but both stories seem possible to him as Mitsuko says Tadakatsu tried to rape her and Tadakatsu is saying that Mitsuko is trying to kill him.

Yuichiro asks Tadakatsu for the gun so they can figure things out. As this is going on Mitsuko looks at her sickle however Tadakatsu points the gun at Mitsuko and fires. Mitsuko then sees that Yuichiro jumped in front of her and took the bullet. As he falls to the ground Mitsuko grabs the sickle and slices Tadakatsu to death with it. She then goes back to Yuichiro ready to kill him but he tells her he doesn't want her eyes to be sad for him. Her mind then goes back to their conversation and she now wants him to live and she tries to save him by the only way she thinks would work: Sex.

Mitsuko unzips his pants and briefly gives him oral sex before mounting and riding him; her frantic movements cause blood to be forced out through his wound and he cries for her to stop and that she's killing him. Mitsuko is angered by this as, from her point of view, he was "taking her trust", she then stabs him in the face. In Mitsuko's mind, he broke his promise by telling her to stop.


  • The name Yuichiro means "gentleness, superior" (優) (yū), "one" (一) (ichi), and "son" (郎) ()
  • Yuichiro's surname Takiguchi means "waterfall, rapid" (滝) (taki), and "mouth, entrance" (口) (guchi)


  • Yuichiro is the only person to receive mercy from Mitsuko, as she had sex with him because she thought it would save him. 
  • Yuichiro's death in the manga differs from his death in the novel, since in the novel Mitsuko shot him without considering saving him.