Battle Royale

Girl #3 Yuki Ito (伊東 友紀, Itō Yūki) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale.


Nothing is known about Yuki's past.

In the Program[]

Yuki was placed in the same group as Makoto Hashimoto, Fumiya Daichi, Hajime Minami, and Suzuko Arikawa. While out walking, Yuki spotted Masako Onishi, who wanted to speak to her. Before either girl could say a word, Miwa Nakaya activated Masako's collar, killing her. She then did the same to Yuki.


  • The name Yuki means "friend" (友) (), and "chronicle, account" (紀) (ki)
  • Yuki surnames Ito means "this" (伊) (i), and "wisteria" (東) ()