Character Information
Yukiko Kitano
'English-language manga nickname'
Kills: 0
Killed by:Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death:Shot
Death Location and Time: C-7 (Before 6am, Day 1)
Chapter Death: 16: The Right Thing To Do
Assigned Weapon:Darts and Dart Board


In the English-language manga she is nicknamed Yuki. Yukiko seems to be the more immature, emotionally fragile of the two girls. Yukiko and Yumiko are said to make the same mistakes and make identical creations such as cakes. In Ms. Takata's home economics class in the fourth grade in primary school, the two almost make identical hard-boiled egg creations; Yumiko had brighter yolks as she spent less time hard-boiling the eggs. Yukiko was very domesticated, and loved to make cakes for Yumiko. She was very concerned about other people's opinions of her.

Friends and Enemies

Yukiko's best friend was Yumiko Kusaka and also had a crush on Shuya Nanahara.

In the Program

Yukiko meets with Yumiko after leaving the school (due to the fact boy 7 Yoshitoki Kuninobu dies, Yumiko is the next person out after Yukiko), and the two make their way to the former tourist information centre on the eastern slopes of the north mountain. The two girls chat and discuss who they have crushes on, and realise that they could not bear to kill each other. Thinking that many of their classmates must feel the same, they make an announcement over a megaphone, calling for their classmates to meet them and discuss things as a group. The announcements alert Kazuo Kiriyama to their location. Kiriyama creeps up on them and shoots both of them with his machine gun. He then finishes off Yukiko with a gunshot to the head using Mitsuru's Walther PPK and then Yumiko.

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