Battle Royale

This article is for the Battle Royale: Requiem character. For the character from the original Battle Royale, please go to Yuko Sakaki.

Yuko Natsukawa (夏川 優子, Natsukawa Yūko) is a minor character in Battle Royale II: Requiem.


Yuko was the daughter of a restaurant owner. She was also the manager of the soccer team. She was known to be very motherly towards her classmates which earned her the nickname "Mom (Okaa-Chan)".

Before the Program[]

During the Program[]

After the remaining students file into the Wild Seven's base, the surviving members of Schwartz Katze provoke a gun battle with the terrorists. The terrorists manage to briefly diffuse the situation, speaking to the group of their shared sufferings and troubles, and also of the students' similarities to the Wild Seven's members. Ryo Kurosawa, the leader of Schwartz Katze, yells back that the Wild Seven are the reason that his family are dead, and one particularly enraged student, Maho Nosaka, fires at the Wild Seven and kills a boy named Toki. This sparks a brutal and quick fight, during which Nanami, Naoki Jo, Maho, Shota Hikasa, and Yasuaki Hosaka are killed. Ryo takes a moment to kneel next to Jun's body, and then rises from his knees, firing wildly into the air and screaming. Saki Sakurai, the sniper of the Wild Seven, kills Ryo with a shot to the head.

Once the gunfight subsides, Yuko`s collar, as well as three others, activates. Shuya Nanahara orders Maki Souda to use the EMB to disable the collars. Although they rush toward the group, they are not quick enough and Yuko's collar detonates, killing her instantly.


  • The name Yuko means "excellence, superiority" (優) (), and "child" (子) (ko)
  • Yuko's surname Natsukawa means "summer" (夏) (natsu), and "stream, river" (川) (kawa)