Battle Royale
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Chapter 72-Yuko Sakaki
Yuko Sakaki
Chapter: 72
Volume: 10
Previous: Collapse
Next: Wish
Deaths: None

Five girls are dead and the one who started it all is still alive. A mother and father worry how their daughter is doing, not knowing that she was the one responsible for the lighthouse massacre.


"Where is she off to with Papa?", "Dreamland Park. Happy second birthday!", "Second grade, a little nervous at the autumn decathlon." These are just a few captions on the many pictures that Kaori Sakaki is looking at of her daughter, Yuko Sakaki, while her husband is watching a horror movie. He turns off the television but Kaori tells him that there could be a update on if their daughter is still alive. Deep down, both of them know that Yuko won't come back to them, even when Souichiro tells his wife that girls have won before, it still doesn't change that fact that Yuko hates violence.

Kaori mentions that Yuko had to see a psychiatrist named Dr. Chiodo after witnessing a fight between Mitsuru Numai and Tadakatsu Hatagami. For two weeks, Yuko stayed in her room. Kaori knows that if a fight was enough to scare her, then she can't imagine how Yuko is reacting to people dying around her. Even if she did manage to win, she wouldn't be the same Yuko and she would still be gone forever.

Back on the island, Shuya Nanahara has broke out of the locked room to discover what has happened. Once he enters the kitchen he notices a bullet,then the blood, and finally the corpses of Yukie Utsumi, Chisato Matsui, Haruka Tanizawa, Yuka Nakagawa, and Satomi Noda. Shuya questions himself if this was the work of Kazuo Kiriyama or Mitsuko Souma when he hears a voice, "God's Will". Shuya turns around to see Yuko is hiding and asks her how this happened. She only replies "Not me", while Shuya looks on confused.

Yuko brings out an uzi as Shuya as Shuya realizes that she did something. Yuko shouts out that he is a demon boy and fires away. Back at the Sakaki home, Yuko's family prays that she won't suffer and that her faith will help her out.