Character Information
Yumiko Kusaka
Kills: 0
Killed by:Kazuo Kiriyama
Cause of Death:Shot
Assigned Weapon:Shirasaya katana
Actress:Misao Kato



Not much is know about Yumiko's backstory,but she was the best friend of Yukiko Kitano,and was the one to reveal that Yukiko has a crush on Shuya.

In the Program


Yumiko (left), before being shot again by Kazuo.

Yumiko meets with Yukiko after leaving the school (due to the fact boy 7 Yoshitoki Kuninobu dies, Yumiko is the next person out after Yukiko), and the two make their way up to a high hill where they think that many of their classmates must be scared and not willing to kill each other so they make an announcement over a megaphone, calling for their classmates to meet them and discuss things as a group. The announcements alert Kazuo Kiriyama to their location. Kiriyama creeps up on them and shoots both of them with his machine gun. While Yukiko dies after the first round, Yumiko survives only to be tortured by Kiriyama who picks up her megaphone and has her squeal into it in pain. Kiriyama then kills her by shooting another round of bullets into her stomach. Shuya Nanahara, who was nearby at the time of the girls' deaths was distraught at their murders. Kazuo then takes Yumiko's weapon, a Shirasaya katana.

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