Battle Royale

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Yumiko Kusaka (日下 友美子, Kusaka Yumiko) met her future best friend Yukiko Kitano at nursery school, though they were in separate classes and lived in different neighborhoods. In elementary school she was best friends with another girl who had a bad reputation. Yumiko suspected her of stealing her limited edition tri-tip pen, which she adored, so she complained to the teacher, even though her friend said she hadn't taken it. The teacher was biased too and believed that she had taken it and she got punished, though it turned out Yumiko left the pen at home. She couldn't trust her and their friendship failed.

Yumiko became best friends with Yukiko at the Halo Church where their parents worshiped. The two weren't very devoted to the religion though and saw it as more of a social thing. They were both grateful for the church though as it brought them together.

The two were very different and Yumiko was more of a tomboy. She also wasn't too afraid of things like other girls such as Hiroki Sugimura's brooding. Yukiko batted fourth on the softball team.

Friends and Enemies[]

Yumiko was best friends with Yukiko Kitano and the two were very insular. Yumiko had a secret crush on Shuya Nanahara and she knows a lot about him. Yukiko couldn't trust Mitsuko Souma's gang or the Kiriyama Family.


Yumiko had short boyish hair as she was a tomboy. She was tall and had a well defined face that Yukiko was jealous of as well as her height. Yukiko was very energetic. Yumiko was 15cm taller than Yukiko. Yumiko however was jealous of Yukiko's round cheeks and petite body.

In the Program

Since Yoshitoki Kuninobu died before the program started, Yukiko came out after Yumiko so Yukiko waited outside the school for her. The two traveled to the eastern side of the island to the tourism center. When Yumiko was asked who her crush was (they both had the same crushes) she tried to find another suitable boy as an excuse. She realized how nice her class was and that she would probably die. The two came up with the idea to use the center's megaphone to call everyone to work a way off the island together at the risk of giving their location away and being killed.

They climbed the northern mountain and called to everyone. Some people like Yutaka Seto and Shuya Nanahara wanted to join them but Kazuo Kiriyama shot them down with his machine gun and finished them off with a pistol, all while the megaphone was on. Shogo Kawada tried to save them by trying to fire a warning shot to scare them off. Their deaths were mourned by most but they rose the levels of paranoia on the island.


  • The name Yumiko means "friend, companion, pal" (友) (yu), "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Yumiko's surname Kusaka means "sun, day" (日) (ku) and "under, below" (下) (saka).