Battle Royale

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Yutaka Seto (瀬戸 豊, Seto Yutaka) was a class clown along with Yuka Nakagawa and went to grade school with Shinji Mimura. He could never understand why someone so popular like Shinji would be friends with him.

Friends and Enemies[]

Yutaka was best friends with Shinji Mimura and got along with most people in the class because of him being a class clown. Yutaka had a secret crush on Izumi Kanai. He was also friends with Keita Iijima.

In the Program[]

At the start of the program Yutaka was panicky as his assigned weapon was a fork and he had no chance of defending himself if attacked. He wanted to protect his secret crush Izumi Kanai but she was killed very early on in the game and her death devastated him. When Yumiko Kusaka and Yukiko Kitano called out to everyone Yutaka made his way towards them as he was vulnerable on his own and with only a fork as a weapon. However when they were gunned down by Kazuo Kiriyama he retreated in a panic.

He attracted the attention of Shinji Mimura in his scramble and they teamed up. When Shinji thought of the escape plans Yutaka helped in whatever way they could and Shinji swore they would avenge Izumi's death. However when they assemble the bomb a torchlight attracts the notice of a desperate Keita who wanted to join them. Yutaka wants Keita to join them but he didn't realize that Shinji and Keita had a previous incident that resulted in them not being friends.

When Shinji accidentally kills Keita with his warning shot Yutaka believes that Shinji is playing the game. When they both reconcile with each other and they embrace, Kazuo ambushes them after hearing the shooting and Yutaka dies as he was facing most of the machine gun fire, however he shielded Shinji from the fatal shots.


  • The name Yutaka means "lush, bountiful"豊
  • Yutaka's surname Seto means "rapids, current" (瀬) (se), and "door" (戸) (to)